The complete range of Reinol liquids together with FinnSonic, are meeting todays needs for environmental safety and economy. Ultrasonic vibrations in the cleaning liquid remove grease and other impurities from even the most difficult to get at places, including swarf from machined parts. Energy and detergent consumption is greatly reduced thanks to the economic system.


Small in size, great in power

• Our bench top range has rounded corners.

• Easy to service, maintain and clean.

• Booster, sweep and de-gas functions.

• Thermostatically controlled heating.

• Available tank sizes: 3lt, 12lt and 30lt.


Our Mi range is robust and reliable

• Booster, sweep and de-gas functions.

• Thermostatically controlled heating with 7 day timer.

• Built in weir for surface control.

• Dry-run protection with temperature interlock.

• Available Tank sizes: 80lt, 120lt and 160lt.

FINNSONIC mould maintenance

• Short and simple wash process.

• No manual labour required.

• High level of cleanliness.

• No abrasion of precise edges and surfaces.

• Suitable for all moulds, large and small.

• User friendly process and machinery.

• No solvents used.

FINNSONIC Spintec washes the parts for you!

Top loading single stage spray washing machines

• For maintenance washing at workshops

• For washing between different production phases

• For saving time in parts cleaning

• For safe and comfortable working conditions