We are a medium sized firm based in Johannesburg.


We specialize in a range of Hand Cleaners, Liquid Cleaners, Barrier Creams, Hand Creams and Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines.


We adhere to international and national standards, ensuring the quality of our products.

Our Journey

Reinol-Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd was established in 1982 in Primrose, Gauteng and has since then grown into a medium sized business with offices and distributors throughout Southern Africa.


Reinol Hand Cleaner is over 100 years old and was originally manufactured in Germany.


Reinol has a Level 8 Contributor status rating on the B.B.B.E.E Rating Scorecard.



Reinol also exports Reinol Hand Cleaner to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.


Within RSA, factory based reps service local distributors, with national contracts having been held with many large mining groups, parastatals, mining houses and other industrial clients for more than 35 years.


Reinol-Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is now the sole manufacturer of Reinol Hand Cleaner and manufactures according to the original formulation from 1917.



Reinol Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is an SABS accredited chemical manufacturer of handcleaners, general purpose cleaners and degreasers as well as many other cleaning related chemicals for industrial, commercial and retail markets.


In 1998, Reinol was approached by FinnSonic Oy, who is the leading Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment company in Europe, to distribute their ultrasonic cleaning machines in Southern Africa and we have subsequently built a solid association with FinnSonic. Reinol is the sole agent of FinnSonic in Southern Africa and have over 320 ultrasonic cleaning machines in the market.



The FinnSonic range is backed by a fully qualified maintenance and engineering division who are all trained in Finland.



Our R&D team along with our laboratory personnel are constantly researching and developing new equipment and chemicals to satisfy the market demands. Our degreasers are used in conjunction with these machines, and typical applications are for cleaning shock absorbers, engine blocks, filters, injectors, gearboxes as well as engineering components of all types.



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