Reinol Janek Chemicals

Reinol-Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd was established in 1982 in Primrose, Gauteng and has, since then, grown to a staff complement of over 45 employees, and has offices and distributors throughout Southern Africa.


Reinol Hand Cleaner is over 100 years old and was originally manufactured in Germany. Reinol-Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is now the sole manufacturer of Reinol Hand Cleaner and manufacture according to the strict original formulation from 1917.


Reinol Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is an SABS accredited chemical manufacturer of handcleaners, general purpose cleaners and degreasers as well as many other cleaning related chemicals for industrial, commercial and retail markets



FinnSonic is known worldwide as an expert in providing solutions to the most demanding of industrial parts cleaning processes. Together with our valued customers, FinnSonic’s addiction to Cleanliness comes from 40 years experience in individual cleaning solutions – turning cleanliness into a clear success factor.

Popular Products

BH-38 Intensive Liquid Cleaner

R56.36R8,421.66 Price Excl. VAT. Shipping Cost Excl.

SD-20 All Purpose Cleaner

R37.85R686.06 Price Excl. VAT. Shipping Cost Excl.

SC-200 Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner

R61.68R1,162.51 Price Excl. VAT. Shipping Cost Excl.

WC 2000 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

R50.88R802.92 Price Excl. VAT. Shipping Cost Excl.

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